Terms and Conditions 

 By using this site and our services you agree to the following terms and conditions listed below. You agree to allow WiRolling.com permission to use information entered on our site for billing purposes, including but not limited to settling disputes.

WiRolling.com acts as a market place connecting renters and car owners. Any liability for damage to person, vehicle property  is held solely by the persons renting the car and the car owners.

Both parties agree to accept WiRolling.com as an objective, non-bias arbitrator in claims up to the amount of the rental

Any claims of liability to WiRolling.com directly shall not exceed the amount of the booking made and fees collected.

WiRolling.com may at times may collect money on behalf of car owners or renters, on such occasions WiRolling.com will only be considered a means of transferring money. WiRolling.com does not accept any liability for the transactions that occur.

WiRolling.com is not responsible for the accuracy of any listings posted.

Postings of listings and pictures proven not to be accurate will result in the listing being removed until an accurate posting has been verified. At this point any bookings made during the time of the inaccurate information being show is entitled to a full refund if requested.This only applies if the renters does not agree to use the vehicle regardless of the inaccuracies.

A copy of the person renting the car's valid drivers permit is required. The permit must also be valid for the time of the rental.

Driving of the car is limited to the person making the booking except where permission is given by the car owner.

By using WiRolling.com you authorize the unrestricted use of any photos and material uploaded to the site. You acknowledge that you are authorized to upload any such images and you are responsible for any copyright claims or other claims of ownership that may occur.

Car renters are liable for damage to the vehicle while in their possession.

The liability of the car renter is not limited to the security deposit that may be held by the car owner.

These terms and conditions may be updated in future and can be found in the "Terms and Conditions" section of WilRolling.com

When there is a change in the terms and conditions, renters and car owners will be notified at least two weeks in advance via email

Settlement of disputes

The person renting the car(renter) and the owner of the car being rented(host) agree to try and work out any disputes in good faith. Both parties agree that if there is a disagreement , both parties will provide supporting documentation for their grievances to WiRolling.com staff and would abide by the decision of WiRolling.com

At times where a vehicle is being transferred from one location to another, the driver will be considered an agent acting on behalf of the car owner and as such, all liability for any accidents occurring during this time will fall with the owner of the car and not WiRolling.com