7 Seater Bus 

Who are we?

Hired cars with a difference

Looking for a hired car from the airport in Barbados but don't want to pay the airport hired car rates. WiRolling.com offers you competitive prices with our competition oriented site, guaranteeing you great rental service at a great price. We have been working with independant hired car operators throughout Barbados since 2016, working to provide our users with the best rental cars available in Barbados. Our focus is on providing a service similar to AirBnB but just for cars, with the same guarantees. We also have links with rental car companies in Trinidad and Tobago but our launch date for those markets are the end of 2018.

Why rent your cars with us?

Firstly, because our service operates similar to AirBNB but for cars in Barbados, you will find that a number of the car operators are more flexible in providing you with a unque car rental experience to fit your needs and requirements. 

Another main benefits of using our rental service is that we allow both our car renters and car owners to rate each other on each transaction. This simple act encourages better behaviour by those renting your car, or, alternatively, it warns others car owners so that they are no longer able to rent a car in our rental car community. For the person renting the car, it guarantees them a level of quality and assurance in the cars that they are renting.